Anton Koenig

A junior at UMass Amherst studying Computer Science, a Website Developer, an athlete and an artist.

Projects & Demos

2D Autonomous Driving AI

A program that trains a fleet of simulated racecars to navigate any racetrack using neural networks – built entirely from scratch using P5.js without the use of any external libraries.

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Covid-19 Tracker

An interactive geographical data visualization of corona virus hotspots (states, counties, cities, colleges) and vaccination sites powered by Esri and Leaflet. Users can view cases, deaths, recoveries and tests over time in a responsive Chart.js module. While some data is retrived live from government and/or public databases, most of it is a mix of client-side and server-side randomly generated data in a predefined JSON format (for demonstration purposes).

Online Multiplayer Game

Play in an open arena with a modifiable game world. Web socket based client-server synchronization allows for continuous player joining and leaving, low latency, and anti-cheat gameplay. A built-from-scratch responsive rendering algorithm uses HTML5, Javascript and CSS for non-rasterized vector-based graphics. The system has been tested to handle over 50 players with minimal performance decreases (mostly from limitations in the native HTML5 render engine).

Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association

I designed and deployed a modern and responsive website for the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association. This helped attract new members and increase the usability for existing members and clients.